Meet the Team!

I realized the other day that after all these years of working at Namikango, I have never formally introduced the team that I work with on a daily basis. That is a mistake that deserves immediate correction! So without further delay, please meet the Education Department and my fellow coworkers at Namikango.

From left to right:

Adrick Kalamula is our SHBI Facilitator. The South Houston Bible Institute (SHBI) is a partner of Namikango that provides tuition-free biblical and theological courses to international students. Adrick liaisons with SHBI in the states to help Malawian students get their resources in a timely fashion, understand the content, and encourage them towards graduation.

Sam Tambala is our Village Bible School Coordinator. His role is to oversee and coordinate classes, curriculum, students and teachers in Namikango’s 27 village Bible schools across Malawi and Mozambique. This is a big role with a lot of moving pieces!

Symon Katete, while not a part of the Education Department, is nonetheless a vital member of our team.. He serves Namikango as our Senior Advisor, and his extensive years working and serving in the church here allow him to advise the department in the best ways to move forward.

Stanley Mkwanda is our English Bible School Coordinator. His role is to oversee and coordinate Namikango’s newest educational initiative, the Discipleship Training Institute (DTI). The DTI will bring Namikango’s many ministries under one roof through a streamline educational initiative focused on creating disciples of Christ.

These men are wonderful coworkers and friends of mine, and I am honored to work with them on a daily basis and to travel with them to all the small corners of Malawi. My role at Namikango is work with this team and oversee these ministries as they work to fulfill the mission’s vision of empowering local communities towards holistic transformation in Christ.

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