Time for Furlough

It is so hard to believe that two years have passed since I was last in the United States. It seems that time continues to move faster and faster! In any case, it is time once again to travel back to the USA for a few months of resting, meeting with partners and churches, and traveling for meetings.

Furlough is always a wonderful time because I get to reconnect with my family, spend time with my niece and nephews, and enjoy time with friends. It is also an exciting time as I race around the country trying to meet with as many ministry partners as well, sharing about the work going on over here in Malawi and hearing about the ministry and lives of everyone on that side who supports Namikango and myself.

However, furlough can also be a stressful time. I am away from my home and work for three months, while still needing to keep up on the work being done here. My wonderful partners are spread across 12 states, so logistics and travel is somewhat of a nightmare. And if I am not careful, the whole furlough can be spent traveling away from my family. This time in the states I want to be more intentional about spending time with all my family in central Pennsylvania.

I will be returning to Pennsylvania April 18th and be in the states until July 12th. I’ll be traveling to Tennessee and visiting with all my Southern people the week of April 26 and traveling to Texas the following week. I would love to see as many people as possible on those travels, so let’s make plans to hang out. I look forward to meeting up with you!

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