When talking about Namikango’s ministries, we often focus on the big ministries with lots of impressive numbers and results. And while there are many fantastic ways that Namikango ministers to and empowers local Malawian communities, there are other, smaller ways that we minister to our local community in Thondwe.

One of these ministries is our ganu work. “Ganu” is a Chichewa word that can be loosely translated as a “day laborer.” Seemingly taken right out of the parables of Jesus, these are men and women who look for a day’s work by waiting to be hired by anyone who comes along with a job. Because Namikango sits on a 90-acre campus, there is always work and upkeep to be done. Mending the fence, sweeping the paths, mowing the lawn(s), landscaping, repairing structures, building, guarding, weeding, and farming are just a few of the routine, daily tasks that need to be done here at the mission. Therefore, the mission hires dozens of day laborers every day to care for the property and keep the mission looking professional and clean. By employing so many people in our home community, Namikango is able to boost the local economy by paying our neighbors a fair wage and providing a good job market in our small town. This is another way Namikango seeks to empower our hometown!

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