Church Assistance

Namikango works with approximately 2,500 churches in Malawi, most of them located in remote villages far from the main roads. Because our network is so large, we often get requests for assistance of various kinds. Whether from individuals or churches, we receive requests for food relief, curriculum or resources, visits from mission staff, trainings, and even construction requests.

The Education Department at Namikango is responsible for processing many of these requests, logging them and trying to discern the best way to help the most people. With a limited budget we have to try to reach as many people and churches as possible. Sometimes this means we travel to villages and teach, train, or distribute educational materials. Other times, we visit communities ravaged by famine or drought to distribute food relief. And other times we help churches finish their building construction projects by buying bags of cement or iron sheets. This small ministry means my team often has to make difficult decisions about who to help and how to help them, all while thinking of the bigger vision of Namikango, which is not to distribute handouts, but rather to empower local leaders and churches to create their own change.

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