Malawian anniversery

It is rather incredible that I have now passed my fourth anniversary here in Malawi. The time has simultaneously flown by, making it feel like I just got started here; while also feeling like I may have been here my whole life. It is also incredible to see how different Namikango is from where it was four years ago. My first office was in a cramped room stacked with boxes of library books because space was so limited at the mission. Since that time, however, the administration building has been built, the classroom block has been constructed, and the face of Namikango has changed. These last few years have been a whirlwind of construction, ministry expansion, and challenges.

This year, we stand at the beginning of many ministries finally coming into their own. After years of praying over the coffee plants and tending to their needs, we expect to start selling Namikango coffee to businesses this year. After years of leveling and building a soccer pitch, waiting patiently for the grass to come in, we are planning our first series of matches. Many government conversations and construction setbacks later, the OPD is ready to open and offer out-patient care to the surrounding villages. After years of planning and preparing the Discipleship Training Institute, we are interviewing applicants for the first incoming class, scheduled to arrive in May. After several years of hiatus, the Village Bible Schools are gearing up to start again later this year.

It is a year full of promise and excitement, challenge and reward. The year stands before us, certainly daunting, as all these projects gear up to start. But it is full of joy as well, as we dive into all these long-awaited, long-talked over, long-prayed about projects. I can’t want to stand here next year looking back at everything that happened!


  1. So excited to hear about all the progress. Continued prayers for success, good health and cheer. God Bless each and every one in your midst. Hugs!!!


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