coffee tasting

As I mentioned last week, the coffee ministry here at Namikango is entering a new and exciting phase. The first coffee plants were planted at Namikango in 2014. Since that time, we have been growing our coffee fields to ten acres, tending these finicky plants, warding off pests and disease, and preparing our coffee process facility. It has been a long six years of waiting patiently for a hopeful harvest. The last two years the plants have started to produce beans in increasing quantities, and we have started preparing the market for our bean.

Last week another step in the process was taken, as we invited coffee tasters to Namikango Mission to sample our various beans and options. We received feedback on favorites, areas of improvement, and ideas for what the market is looking for. Coffee tasting ceremonies are always a joy, and this was no exception. Everyone was invited to taste the different coffees and describe the many tastes inside the bean. Our tasters left Namikango excited by the possibilities, and we are incredibly thrilled to be able to offer quality beans to our customers here in Malawi. Things are rolling along for coffee production!

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