2020 by the numbers

It goes without saying that 2020 was a tough year in many ways. Particularly, it was hard for Namikango’s ministries to operate normally, since everything we do is with groups of people. Government restrictions and Covid precautions threatened to halt much of our work here in Malawi. Our dedicated staff, however, chose to get creative and to rethink much of how we minister, so that the vital work at Namikango could continue. Because of this, ministries at Namikango thrived! Here is Namikango’s church ministry in 2020 by the numbers:

25        Sunday church visits

119      Churches represented in these visits (that’s an average of 5 churches present at each visit!)

3,308   People present at the church visits (that’s an average of 32 people present at each visit!)

2          Leadership seminars hosted by Namikango (one in Blantyre and one in Salima)

124      Churches represented at the seminar

517      Leaders present at the seminar

102      Baptisms were reported from the churches throughout the year

24        Sermons were recorded (and 38 aired) through our radio ministry

2          Volumes of Liu la Namikango, our church resource bulletin, were created

10,000 Copies of the Liu were distributed among the churches

13        Students on average managed to stay connected to their schoolwork with SHBI

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