A visit from the us director

In the second half of last year, Namikango welcomed Cameron Mayhill onto the team. Cameron is based in the United States and serves the mission as the US Director. His role primarily is working with Namikango’s US partners, both churches and individuals. This includes visiting with them, encouraging them, and sharing and updating them about what is happening at Namikango. It is a vital role that needed filled, and we were happy to bring him on.

It was very necessary for Cameron to come witness the work at Namikango himself, though. We wanted to bring him to the mission as soon as possible, however Covid intervened and shifted those plans. However, he has finally been able to visit us and see the ministry for himself. It is always great to welcome people to Namikango for the first time. You can hear about something over and over, but seeing it and experiencing it for yourself is always essential. It has been great for Cameron to finally experience Namikango for himself, and has made it easier for him to share the vision to our US partners!

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