North Trip

Because it is located in Malawi’s Southern region, Namikango’s influence and ministries are mainly focused in the south of the country. However, the mission’s name and reputation are known in the Central and Northern regions as well, and occasionally it is beneficial for us to travel to these other regions to work with the churches there. At the beginning of this year, the Education team planned a Northern trip in order to check on the ministries there, visit with people, and interview candidates for the Discipleship Training Institute.

This trip turned into a massive undertaking, with visits to all of Malawi’s major cities and surrounding villages over a seven-day period. During the trip we met with church leaders, potential student candidates, as well as current SHBI students and VBS committees. Over the course of a week we heard questions, concerns and comments about many topics, we helped clarify many issues and sort other problems, and we were able to encourage our brothers and sisters in areas that do not often receive a lot of attention. It was a whirlwind tour of the country, but it was incredible.

After traveling 945 miles, we arrived back in Zomba last Friday evening, tired, sleepy, and encouraged. There are a lot of amazing things happening in this country, and it is always amazing to travel and see it in person. It has energized the team for the next phase of ministry.

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