The Discipleship training institute

When I was originally asked to join the Namikango team several years ago, one of the primary needs was for someone to assist in launching a new, English curriculum for a school at Namikango. As I arrived, I eagerly jumped into the work and started work on this English Bible School. Over the years there have been many conversations, plans, and construction in preparation for this school as it has morphed and evolved into the Discipleship Training Institute.

But the time has now come to begin moving forward on opening the school, and we are hoping to welcome the first incoming class at the beginning of May. This is incredibly exciting and challenging; exciting that all those conversations and dreams are coming to fruition, and challenging in the scope and scale of this new ministry. We are so excited to get this program off the ground and see students on Namikango’s campus again, and I am so excited to see this curriculum that has been labored over for years finally taught. Please be praying for the final preparations and for the students and teachers as we run the last stretch and prepare to open the doors on the Discipleship Training Institute!

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