Namikango Coffee Roastery

As many of you know, Namikango has been on the long journey of opening a coffee roastery here in Malawi. Beginning in 2014 when Namikango cleared land and planted its first coffee plants, the dream was to provide a bean-to-cup service for Malawians, expats, and local coffee shops. Over the years that vision has changed and evolved as we have learned more about the process, the need, and the options available here. There have been setbacks and frustrations along the way, but at the beginning of this year, we felt very confident that this would be the year we could finally start selling our coffee.

After an intense few months for my teammate Ryan, who oversees the project, we proudly opened for business this March. Our first orders came in, and the coffee started selling, rather quickly! We are now a few weeks into the business, and it is exciting to finally see a long-germinating dream come to fruition. And though I may be slightly biased, I can confidently say that we offer the best tasting coffee in Malawi. Next time you are in the Malawi area, be sure to order some Namikango coffee!

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