The DTI Curriculum

For the month of May, I would like to introduce the curriculum that the Discipleship Training Institute will follow, since many of you have asked what will be taught in the program. But before the curriculum is introduced, I have to say a word on how it is organized. The first step to creating a curriculum is to decide on the kind of curriculum you want to teach, or the methodology of teaching.

For the DTI program, we realized early on that the end-goal would be different from most academic programs. Mainly, we were not as interested in graduating students with fancy pieces of paper and heads full of knowledge, but rather we were interested in graduating disciples of Christ who were able to transform their churches and communities.

Therefore, we adopted what we like to call a stream model to education. Most academic programs consist of individual classes that have little interaction with each other in content or approach. This method can lead to fragmentation in education and gaps in knowledge. The stream model, however, starts the student’s education at the very beginning, with each module building on the previous modules, adding components and complexity throughout the program. Much like a stream flowing into a river and into the ocean, this program starts small and allows the student to grow into maturity in Christ over three years of cohesive education.

That being said, there are four streams in the DTI program: Spiritual Leadership, Biblical Theology, Community Development, and Personal Identity. Over the next four weeks I will introduce each stream and our desire for the students in each!


  1. Very thorough! Provides for the whole person … May God grant you a willing spirit to sustain refresh & energize you in every good work! Love & prayers from Jim&Liz


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