First Fruits (Veggies)!

At the beginning of the year, Namikango began demonstrating permaculture farming on campus. Permaculture is a way of interacting with the land to help it produce an overabundance of food through biodiversity, design, and naturally occurring inputs. With very little intrusion, we were able to infuse our manicured and landscaped property with fruit trees and vegetables, which not only add more green and beauty to Namikango’s campus, but will also become beneficial as they begin yielding food that will be used by the mission to feed our students and visitors. Needless to say, we have watched as these vegetables have taken root and added color to the campus. Then, just last week, the first harvest was collected: piles of sweet potatoes! The incredible thing about this harvest is that it did not come from an isolated garden with traditional rows and gardening practices, but from the plants interspersed in our flower gardens, along buildings where rainwater collects, and from among the hedges that line our walkways. We look forward to many more harvests in the next few months, from strawberries to passion fruit, more potatoes and herbs, bananas and lemon grass!

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