DTI and Coffee

Because our DTI students are required to stay on campus during the school term, which lasts ten weeks, three times a year, we wanted to offer these students a way to earn some money in order to support the families they left back in the village. Being able to provide funds for those family members would go a long way to ease some anxieties students would feel while studying with us. Luckily for us at Namikango, we have a ten-acre coffee field that needs fairly steady hands on care.

Since joining us in May, students have spent their weekday mornings in class, learning about God, people, community and the church, and their afternoons working in the coffee fields. As they joined us, our coffee plants were ready to start their harvest, so it was perfect timing. Since then, students have been picking coffee cherries and sorting beans. This helps Namikango as we continue to operate our coffee roastery by providing labor that is close to the fields and eager to help. It helps the students by providing a daily wage for their work, enough for their needs and the needs of their families at home. This arrangement helps encourage a holistic relationship with our students, meeting the needs that they have while boosting the mission’s progress!

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