Part of being enrolled in the DTI program involves community activities for the students after the class work and daily work is finished. Several “after school” events have been scheduled throughout this term so that the students can stay engaged with Namikango and our staff, as well as have fun events to look forward to. One of the major successes has been our First Friday game evenings, where Namikango staff and DTI students face off in several sporting activities. These have provided many laughs, a few minor sports injuries, and memories for both parties.

In addition to these sporting events, students prepared for and held a theological debate a few weeks ago. Their topic was strenuous for first-year students, they had to debate the first century Marcion heresy which stated that the God of the Old Testament was different from the God of the New Testament, with one side opposing and one side defending.

I can say that the teams were evenly matched. For many of our students, this was their first official debate, complete with a panel of moderators. They were understandably nervous in the beginning. However, they quickly warmed to the idea, and by the end the panel had to intervene before the debate ran into the late-night hours. Both sides did wonderfully, and it was a lot of fun to watch the students get into the topic. After the debate we shared cokes and laughs as we discussed the first century heresy, why it existed and what the church did to remedy the problem. It was an energetic and fun evening!

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