Term 1

It is incredible to think that the first term of DTI is closing this week. After years and years of preparation, it came upon us quickly. Three months ago, the first term stretched out in front of us like a ten-week marathon of unknowns, lessons, activities, and work upheavals. And yet, somehow, we are closing up the first term already. This week, students are taking their final exams, presenting their final projects, and wrapping up the assignments they had while they were with us. After they finish their last exam on Friday, they will be released to travel back to their villages for a two-week break. After that, term 2 will start.

This term has been exhilarating and exhausting, full of laughs and smiles and questions. It has been so fun to be teaching in the classroom and interacting with students as they encounter new ideas about the Bible and God. It has been thrilling to watch them grow and change. The term has been full of challenges too, difficulties and setbacks. But all in all, it has been quite the ride. I know I feel the exhaustion of a ten-week teaching marathon, and I plan to crash hard over the weekend, dwelling on the achievements of our students and the care our staff poured into them. The weekend will be for resting, and then Monday, it’s back into preparation mode for term 2!

One comment

  1. Yes indeed, being the first term, it was a mixed bag. But you have done a good job teaching for 10 weeks it was not easy. Keep it up


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