Church Partnerships

One of the aspects of the DTI program is a church internship for each student. This means that each student was paired with a local church when they first arrived to campus. That church adopted the student (and their family), and became their home church while they study with us. This is a chance for students to connect with a local body of believers, and eventually intern with the church as they share the things they have been learning. As we prepared to introduce these students to their churches, we called the church leaders to Namikango to go over the parameters of the program and what they should expect from the students.

One of the unexpected results of this meeting was the overly-enthusiastic response from the churches. Not only were they willing to take part in the program, they were eager and excited! These churches wanted to be a part of the DTI program, and wanted to take part in more programs at Namikango Mission. They began offering ideas on how the churches could better partner with Namikango for mutually beneficial results. This was unexpected from our side, but eagerly received. These last few weeks have been spent building these church partnerships in order to strengthen the churches in our own backyard in Thondwe.

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