As the mission for the Church of Christ in Southern Malawi, Namikango is often invited to observe, attend, or officiate events in the churches. This is not always possible, as there are hundreds of churches and our schedule is always packed full. However, on certain occasions it is possible for us to attend these events and encourage the churches present. Several weeks ago, we had the privilege of attending two leaders ordinations in Blantyre. For one of the ordinations we were asked to observe, and one we were asked to officiate. I was able to attend the one that we officiated. It was a long service, with the teaching concerning the proper duties and responsibilities of leaders, before the ordination itself took place. Nearly two dozen leaders were ordained that day, with multiple churches in attendance as witnesses. Afterwards, there was quite the feast of chicken and beef, and a general feeling of celebration. These are wonderful events that help remind us what the mission is here for, to serve the church and the people.

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