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 October 2017 Update

Greetings from Zomba, Malawi!I hope this newsletter finds you well and enjoying some fall weather! We are in the middle of the dry season here, which means hot days and no rain, as we eagerly anticipate the approaching rainy season.

The last few months have been a flurry of activity here at Namikango. Although the stream of visitors has slowed down, the various ministries here have been in overdrive. Below are some of the highlights from the last few months!


Central/North Trip
In September, Ben and I, along with two Malawian colleagues, set out on a week-long road trip through Malawi, making it as far North as Mzimba. The goal of the trip was to visit with as many churches as possible to maintain our relationships with them and to encourage their ministries. The trip covered 1,225 miles, and we were able to visit with churches from four different areas, including one of our Bible schools in the Central region. The trip concluded with a three day camp meeting in Mzimba, where we stayed in the village and taught. It was an incredible trip, and we returned feeling blessed by our numerous conversations with our brothers and sisters across the country.
Camp Meetings
Camp meeting season has ended here in Malawi, which means we will be spending the next few months visiting and encouraging the churches in Zomba District. This will give our Bible Department (and us missionaries) a needed rest from the rush of camp meetings every weekend!
Staff Seminar
In late September, Namikango hosted its annual staff seminar in Zomba. This three-day event gives staff some time away from the office to hang out and grow together in a more casual setting. The speakers this year were a missionary couple from Botswana, who spoke about godly families and marriages. It was a refreshing few days to spend time with staff away from the stresses of work.
Team Retreat
In the beginning of October our missionary team took three days off of work to get away and regroup as a team. Often, we get so busy working for the Kingdom of God that we forget how to rest well, and these three days were spent in intentional rest and community with each other. We stayed in a cottage at a tea farm about an hour away, and spent our time reading, playing games, and engaging in wonderful conversations.
Year-End Preparation
The last few weeks we have been preparing for the end of 2017 by assessing various ministries at Namikango and the work left to be done. Likewise, our missionary team has spent time reorganizing and redefining our roles here, to ensure that our work is not redundant and that the workload is shared equally. These conversations will soon turn towards 2018, and we ask for prayers as we begin preparing for and casting the vision for next year!
Additional News

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Prayer Requests

I want to thank you for partnering with me in this exciting ministry here in Malawi, and for all the ways you support me. As always, I’ve listed some prayer requests on the right, so we can continue praying for each other. And speaking of prayer, if you are interested in receiving prayer requests and praises via email, click on the blue button to the right to send me a quick email letting me know you’re interested.

And now, may we continue seeking and finding God among the poor, the lonely, and the outcast, and may we actively take part in the Kingdom of God within our communities.