Over the last two years, a good friend of mine, Ryan Hayes and I have been engaged in an ongoing theological conversation. As we brought new topics, authors, and religious experiences into the conversation, we realized we were on an adventure of discovery. We began writing down our thoughts, often in quick, free-verse poetry. The main purpose of this exercise was to remember our thoughts for the next conversation, as well as to play with some of the ideas we were having.

Eventually, we had accidentally amassed a collection of poetry with three major themes: scripture, life in Malawi, and the chaos of bringing both those worlds together.

Paralipomenon (Ecclesiastical Latin): things omitted from a work or set to the side

Paralipomenon is an exploration of the Divine within the minutiae of life. This collection of poetry expands our imagination about what truths could be hidden from our awareness. It attunes our eyes to the Divine within the faces of tomato vendors, the nuances of scripture, or in the more cosmic images of chaos and hope within the ever-expanding universe.